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Conedge Consulting Group LLC is a global company with expertise in Information Technology Systems, Business and Management Consulting Services. For over 10years, Conedge has been a committed partner to thousands of businesses in protecting their most valuable assets (people, Process and technologies), improving their operational efficiency and maximizing their profitability.

Our Consulting Areas

Information Technology Systems

⁃ Network infrastructure
⁃ Risk management framework
⁃ Security Control Assessment
⁃ Cloud system infrastructure
⁃ Information Systems Security
⁃ Security management documentation

Management + Business Consulting

Our Management and Business Consulting Services are tailored to help small to growing business run a successful and profitable organization. Strategy development, Business process, Organizational audit, Project management and Business development.

Training, Recruitment & Workforce Development

Our Training, Recruitment & Workforce Development includes Staffing, Information technology, Business: Starting a business, Business Model, Soft skills: Team building, Problem Solving, Leadership

Risk Management

– Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
– Risk Management Framework
– Security Control Assessment
– Risk Assessment Analysis

Management Processes and Structures

The way you do business, connect with your customers and the legacy system the company has in place, guarantees its growth, stability, operation efficiency and sustainability for the future.

Other Services

Project Management, Contracts & Procurement, Organizational checkup & audit and Strategic Planning

Our Goal

We see Possibilities

Our Client's Portfolio

Our clients portfolio cuts across government, commercial clients and non profit organizations. Our goal is to consistently deliver quality and excellence services that protects information systems, optimize business processes, enhance workforce development and help our clients meet their strategic business objectives in a competitive global environment

We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.




    WHAT IS YOUR PROFILE? People develop and execute business plan and as they do, their worth, credibility and business integrity increases. Your personal profile is a sum total of your experiences and the professional achievement of all you have done.  A personal profile is a result of hard work and responsibility. People build up their

    September 20, 2018

    YOUR IDEA NEEDS A STRATEGY A strategy simply means an action plan guiding you in the direction to go. In business, having a strategy is as important as the conception of a business idea.  When a business idea is conceived, it merely exists as an idea until one puts that idea in a written form

    September 20, 2018

    CUSTOMER SERVICE: THE HEART OF PROGRESSIVE SALES While an organization exists to make profit by solving a product or service problem, it is built on the firm foundation of adding value, premised on the vision and mission, the why and how of the company’s existence in business. Whatever type of service or product the company

    August 14, 2018

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